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Working In Bulgaria

Ever wondered how one may spend an average week in Bulgaria? Well here at the Quest office, we have had yet another busy week of dealing with clients, advertising deals and getting new stories ready for our readers to enjoy. So, here we are giving you an insight in to an average week at the Quest Bulgaria office.


Every week varies at Quest and very rarely do any of the staff cover the same story or deal with the same things twice. Working at Quest involves a lot of travelling to various events around the country, keeping up to date with news and happenings and meeting some very new and interesting people within Bulgaria and also internationally. Some articles that we cover are researched over a number of weeks or even months and others come to us on the spur of the moment, when a member of the team may have to rush off to meet new clients and fellow journalists to be interviewed or meet a new acquaintance.

Saturday -
Working at Quest allows for our team to be flexible on occasions with the times that they work. It isn't compulsory for them to work a typical 9-5 day and so sometimes our working days may vary. On Saturday, we mixed work and pleasure by visiting a nearby town to celebrate their towns' national holiday. The weather was cooler than the previous years, but the atmosphere was still there. The main attraction was a fairground set up in the middle of the town, surrounded by stalls selling snacks, meals and a variety of refreshing beverages. The good thing about these events is that you never know when you may meet someone new and interesting. After staying a while, we took some photos and spoke with some people, before heading off back to the Quest office for the afternoon.

Sunday -
After spending most of the day out of the office on Saturday, some of the Quest team continues to work on Sunday. The morning was spent dealing with press releases and checking the news articles and then updating the site and members area.

Monday -
After working on numerous articles for Quest Bulgaria over the past few weeks, today was the day when the final draft was completed and edited and then published on the site. Today was a very busy day, where all of the Quest team had their heads down working and talking to different clients regarding new and important deals.

Tuesday -
As most of the staff at Quest Bulgaria worked through Sunday, some of the team took the opportunity to have today off. A few of the team went out for the day to a local city, situated close to the Quest offices and dealt with the usual administrative tasks that come along side Quest. A casual trip to the bank, a stroll around the city and then coffee and lunch at a local restaurant.

Wednesday -
Another day, another article. Research, draft, write, and publish. Phone call, email, affiliates, another email. A quick trip out to a city. Today the phone has not stopped ringing, in between finishing off articles and tying up loose ends.

Thursday -
An early start for some of the Quest team, where as other have came in later. Everyone is given their own jobs and each member of the team knows what to do as soon as they enter the office. The Quest team make up a machine and just like any other machine, it works in a way that all of the members or parts have to work together and are all a valuable component in the Quest machine.

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