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Brazilian President Visits Gabrovo

Today, roads were closed off and extra police were on the streets of Gabrovo, a small town situated in central Bulgaria. The reason for this is that there is a visit from the first woman Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, who is here to observe her family ties to the small town set in the central Balkans of Bulgaria.

The president's father Peter Rousev was born in 1900 in Gabrovo, but left the country for economic and political reasons and for a better future in 1929, where he first moved to France, and then later in 1944 to Latin America.

Today's events have put Gabrovo on the map for its residents having connections with such a high profile politician from one of the world's well-known nations. The short visit by the president will include a visit to a photo exhibition, a visit to the history museum where a display has been dedicated to President Dilma Rousseff's Bulgarian roots and then she shall receive her ancestry tree.
This is an exciting and inspiring day for residents of Gabrovo, as it is well-known throughout Bulgaria for being the city of humour!