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A Dog's Life in Bulgaria

Having a pet is not uncommon for expats in Bulgaria. The distressing state of dogs and cats can be seen all over the country and even if you aren't a huge animal lover-like myself there aren't many people who don't feel sorry for the state of the animals, and the temptation to take them home is there for most of us.


But before taking on the responsibility of a dog or cat, spare a thought of what lies ahead for your lifestyle in Bulgaria, just the same as everywhere else. If your lifestyle will include being there for the animal then that is great, but if you need to travel frequently then you will have to consider who will take care of the animal when you are away. Although there are kennels and catteries within Bulgaria they may not be local to you, and this will initiate another bill to pay. Having reliable friends and neighbours may help if you can come to some arrangements with them. However, if you rely on expat friends, always consider that there plans may change and this will therefore, limit your options for pet care.

Unbelievably, there are still stories of expats who buy holiday homes here and take in a dog whilst they are visiting. They then have to leave them in the care of a neighbour when they are not in the country. If this sits well with friends then that's great, but again you need to look further ahead in case plans change for people.