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Chill Out And Relax - Bulgarian Style

The first thing an expat discovers is that the pace of life is much slower in Bulgaria. The Bulgarians are not lazy people, but they do not stress and rush in the way that Westerners do.

If a problem arises with their work, money or home life they do not run round and panic or worry too much; they work on the basis that every problem has a solution. They seem secure about themselves and their home environment because they are surrounded by their extended family who always sticks by them. Family time, time with friends and relaxing is very important here and it is far better for your mental health too.

One refreshing aspect of a Bulgarian life is that your standard of living is not measured by money, how big your house is, or how successful you are at work - it's measured by the quality of your life. For parents too, you are not in a competition on how well your child is doing in school compared to the rest despite the fact that Bulgarian children are very motivated to learn. When lessons finish, its coffee and cake with other school mums and relaxed conversations and jokes. In the Western society the easy access to money, taking now and working on the ‘pay later' attitude, is where most of our problems, both financial and social have stemmed from. Some expat communities still hang on to the old British way of comparing and competing, but most expats shed this curse as soon as they get here and learn from the Bulgarians as it provokes a greater sense of freedom.