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Bulgaria`s Great Family Values

Bulgaria is a country where family values play a leading role in the social structure. Many people particularly in the towns and villages live with or close to their extended family with Grandma watching the children and father and son working side by side.

This return to what many in the West deem as old-fashioned has a positive effect on the community in teaching children about good behaviour, respecting their elders and caring for the older generation.

Many expats have found that whilst they have left their families behind to live in Bulgaria, they are able to adopt a new family here. Most old folk are happy to take on the roles of "Diado and Baba" (Grandad and Grandma) and new found friends become "Lelias and Chichos" (Aunties and Uncles) to your children. Indeed, these Bulgarian words are the normal forms of address to people you know according to their age.

There are not enough words to describe the personal freedom that life in Bulgaria generates. Children can roam free in the villages as well as walk home from school without being bullied or abducted. You will not be given special treatment in Bulgaria just because you are a foreigner, so don't expect the school play to be in English or your child to be exempt from singing the national anthem.

In fact the environment is one reminiscent of Fifties Britain where neighbours helped neighbours and children were safe.
The responsibility for health and safety lies with the individual. Bulgaria is a far cry from the "Nanny State" that the UK has become and is one of the things that add to its appeal.