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The English Neighbour-Leslie Grantham

As many people are aware Bulgaria is home to numerous film projects, and I know that Quest Bulgaria has written an extensive list in an in-depth article in the Member's area in the past of the various filming that has been shot during the past few years here.

However, one that I find with a most amusing story line in the news at the moment is the mini series starring ex Eastenders star Leslie Grantham that will be aired in September on the BNT channel. The star, who had been involved earlier this year in the filming of the series in the village of Negushevo near Sofia, will be playing an English expat in Bulgaria, named John Stuart. The 4 part serial called 'The English Neighbour", will play an English man living in a make believe Bulgarian village called "fruitful". The sitcom is based on the book with the same name by author Mihail Veshim, who is also the script-writer, started filming in July 2010, and shows his character adapting to village life and picking up Bulgarian habits.


Of course this storyline is true to a certain extent and common sights all over Bulgaria in villages where a high percentage of expats have purchased property. The humorous side is that we do attract a great deal of attention from locals and are very much an amusing focal point to life in these areas.

Let's just hope his character, John Stuart, doesn't meet the same horrific fate as his former character Den Watts in Eastenders!!!