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Making The Most Of Your Day in Bulgaria

Do you find that it doesn't matter how much you have to do in a day or what you have planned, sometimes it is an impossible task to actually get anything done at all?!

OrĀ perhaps on the other hand, you find that you only seem to have time to complete your chores and then as a result, you are far too tired or don't have enough time to do the things that you want to do!?

Settling into a new country with a slower pace of life such as Bulgaria, it is possible to find yourself in either of these situations. Many people find that after the initial excitement of moving, a daily schedule can help put some order into their day. A good start is to prepare a timetable for the day ahead and try to stick to it and cross off jobs when completed. Although try to avoid setting unrealistic targets for a day after all it is a new life, but spread them out during the week and ensure you allow for a little 'me' time.

One thing at a time

It is easy to get sidetracked and begin to worry about other uncompleted work and problems that you may have in your routine or daily life. However, the best way to solve any problem and to be productive is to follow the 'one thing at a time' rule. Everytime you are tempted to skip one job and move on to the next, stop yourself and make sure that you have finished one thing before moving on to the next. This rule can be applied to pretty much any aspect of your life and is a rule that is worth remembering. So, in the future when you have a lot on your plate, take a deep breath and remember to take things one thing at a time. It is a good idea to complete one task and only when you have completed it, can you then start on the next thing.

Rise and Shine

As much as it can be both appealing and may seem like a good idea to try and lie in bed as long as you can, so that you can avoid having to face the hectic day ahead, it really isn't going to solve anything. Whenever we have a lot to do, it always seems like just an extra 30 minutes of sleep or hiding under the duvet will do us the world of good! But ask yourself this: is this going to get my jobs done? No! Will my jobs and chores still be there what ever time I get up? Yes! So the best way is to set your alarm and wake up early so that you can get to work and do what you need to do. Not only is it a good idea to wake up early, but it would also be a sensible thing if you were to go to bed earlier too. Getting enough sleep means that we will feel less tired and therefore have more energy when we wake up the next morning. What does more energy mean? Well it means that we will have a better chance of getting things done the next day, of course!

Plan an hour of me-time

Planning an hour of me-time in advance will give you something to look forward to and will give you more of an incentive to compete your work and chores. Everybody needs some sort of break or treat after a hectic day or week; otherwise you would not have a decent balance in your life. Your 'me-time' may be just something like reading a book, watching a film or going for a walk, but allow an hour of your time to do this on a regular basis, so that you feel you have a reason to work. Once you have had an enjoyable hour of me-time, you will feel revived and content and ready to work again. Allowing yourself regular breaks and treats helps you to be more productive and enthusiastic towards your daily chores and hectic schedule.

Prioritise your plans

If you find that you have left all of your urgent work to the last minute and completed the less urgent stuff first, then obviously you are not using your time as efficiently as you could be. Think carefully about what needs to be done first and what can be left for another time. You will find that actually, a lot of your work is not so urgent perhaps and therefore can be worked through at a steady pace.