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A Tipple Too Much in Bulgaria

Bulgarian news had recently reported that Bulgarian's drink 2 -3 times more alcohol than their European neighbours.

I certainly know that those who we have met can drink far more than the average Brit and for longer periods of time. We enjoy a drink like most people and I think many who move to Bulgaria, soon get into the same habit and lifestyle.

My neighbour is always up to socialising and because he is retired now he starts early with a breakfast beer at the local village bar, and follows it with a lunch time rakia. He will then casually have more when he returns home and combines it with his work within the garden and house.

Life is leisurely and relaxed for the locals and they spend hours chatting amongst each other over a drink. It is their lifestyle and culture, and young and old can party day and night. They have a tremendous amount of energy and even if they have had too much to drink, most can still rise early for a coffee at the village bar the next day.

My neighbour's house is always open to guests and will happily pass time over a beer or homemade rakia. His attitude is to enjoy your life today and worry about tomorrow, if and when it comes!