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Making The Most Of Living In Bulgaria

An advantage of living in Bulgaria when funds are limited and you fancy a break away is that the country does have almost all types of holidays to suit all, without waiting at the airport.

The weather is usually reliable during the summer months, so not a concern as it would be if holidaying in the U.K.

There is a vast choice for a holiday within the country, and most within a reasonable distance. Inland, rural, mountains, health spas, activities, sea, cities, historic and many more, there really is plenty to choose from.

O.K most of us are aware that the roads are not 100%, but saving time at the airport can be gained easily. Most routes taken have an abundance of modern services to stop for a rest and refreshments. However if travelling a lengthy distance across the country why not plan an overnight stop, where you can enjoy some Bulgarian cuisine and comfortable accommodation so that the next day you wake up you will feel rejuvenated to continue with your journey. Most large towns and villages have small lodgings and restaurants, at very reasonable prices, and can be booked in advance via the internet. Planning this type of touring holiday can be a good experience as it allows you to observe the spectacular scenery that covers most of the country.
Public transport can also be an alternative to see the country, bus and train links although slower can save hassle if you are not a confident driver on the road.
Don't forget the geographical location of Bulgaria also offers the option to visit many bordering countries if you feel adventurous.