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A Healthy Lifestyle In Bulgaria

With the summer temperatures beginning to soar throughout Bulgaria, the warm weather and sunshine brings the feeling of well being and with that for some a healthy diet and lifesyle.

Whilst out and about in Gabrovo our nearest city, the daily fruit and vegetable market has a wonderful display of seasonal produce. The stalls are all well stocked,and the wonderful aroma is hard to resist as you browse and decide which one you are going to buy from. Many of the markets do sell similar products so it can be hard to choose,as they are all well presented.

Also prices fluctuate depending on the time of year and although food prices have risen over the past months in Bulgaria,Quest has listed some average prices from the market for living healthy in the summer! Our shopping list includes most basic foods that can be purchased from a Bulgarian market at this time of the year.

Average prices per kilogram:

Tomatoes - 1.19 leva
Cucumbers - 0.99 leva
Cabbage - 0.49 leva
New Potatoes - 0.69 leva
Mushrooms - 4.00 leva
Onions - 1.20
Carrots - 0.99 leva
Aubergines - 2.49 leva
courgettes - 0.69 leva
Green peppers - 2.49 leva
Peaches - 2.49 leva
Nectarines - 2.79 leva
Cherries - 4.40 leva
Strawberries - 2.30 leva
Melon - 0.89 leva
Apricots - 2.00
Aubergines - 2.49 leva
Apples - 2.49 leva
Bananas - 2.69 leva
Pineapple each - 2.99 leva
garlic - 5.00 leva
Chilis - 6.00 leva
Dried Haricot beans 2.50 leva
Brown Lentils - 2.29 leva
eggs each - 0.15 leva