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A Viewing Trip In Bulgaria

Recently with a friend and through our new section ‘Bailiffs Auction' we decided to view a bargain property that he was particularly keen to buy as a country retreat for his family.

Whilst out and about in Gabrovo our nearest city, the daily fruit and vegetable market has a wonderful display of seasonal produce. The stalls are all well stocked,and the wonderful aroma is hard to resist as you browse and decide which one you are going to buy from. Many of the markets do sell similar products so it can be hard to choose,as they are all well presented.

Also prices fluctuate depending on the time of year and although food prices have risen over the past months in Bulgaria,Quest has listed some average prices from the market for living healthy in the summer! Our shopping list includes most basic foods that can be purchased from a Bulgarian market at this time of the year.

Average prices per kilogram:

Tomatoes - 1.19 leva
Cucumbers - 0.99 leva
Cabbage - 0.49 leva
New Potatoes - 0.69 leva
Mushrooms - 4.00 leva
Onions - 1.20
Carrots - 0.99 leva
Aubergines - 2.49 leva
courgettes - 0.69 leva
Green peppers - 2.49 leva
Peaches - 2.49 leva
Nectarines - 2.79 leva
Cherries - 4.40 leva
Strawberries - 2.30 leva
Melon - 0.89 leva
Apricots - 2.00
Aubergines - 2.49 leva
Apples - 2.49 leva
Bananas - 2.69 leva
Pineapple each - 2.99 leva
garlic - 5.00 leva
Chilis - 6.00 leva
Dried Haricot beans 2.50 leva
Brown Lentils - 2.29 leva
eggs each - 0.15 leva

The property was renovated and set in the beautiful countryside of central Bulgaria. The viewing trip began with meeting the mayor of the small village near to the town of Sevlievo and then we were escorted to the house which was set in a deep wooded area and along a very rough dirt track. The weather on this day was not good; it was on and off torrential rain and the dirt track was very muddy and overgrown with grass.


However the eventual long track led us to a small hamlet where there were only a few houses and only one was inhabited by an elderly Bulgarian couple. The couple were the neighbours of the house for sale, and on route to view it as the weather was so bad at one point we were all invited in to wait until it had stopped.

The couple were very friendly and offered us plastic raincoats and umbrellas (yes I forgot mine as it was glorious sunshine when we left that morning!) So we then continued with the viewing of the house and it was renovated to a very high standard, and had a truly magnificent mountain view and was possibly a great retreat for get away from it all.

After we had spent time inspecting the house we were all invited back to this lovely couples home. We were offered homemade bread and strawberries fresh from their garden, whilst chatting for a considerable length of time. They talked of how life used to be here and how things had changed for this tiny hamlet.

We actually felt sorry for them as I guess they were quite lonely, and although a lovely house in a wonderful location for a holiday, would only suit a minority of people to live there permanently.

This couple's form of transport was an old Simpson motorbike that got them back and forth to the larger town several kilometres away. They also spoke of the wooded area surrounding them having plenty of wildlife including bears and of course snakes. We actually get plenty of snakes in our own garden!

When we started to leave the man went into his lovely garden and picked flowers for me, as a gift. He and his wife had showed wonderful hospitality and wanted to prove that they would be good neighbours by showering us with all these gifts if we were to purchase the property.

The man told us if we bought the house he would bring flowers everyday to us! Of course we were only looking with our friend, but I guess this couple were a little lonely and wanted to replace the neighbours that they had had previously a long time ago.