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How Bulgarian Are You?

Have you lived in Bulgaria long enough to know whether you recognise any of these traits? Well, one thing is for sure, you will most probably come across some of the following points during your stay/new life in Bulgaria!


Every nationality has its own qualities that make the people individual and unique and so does Bulgaria too. Depending on whether you have been in Bulgaria a long time or have moved recently, you will learn to love these qualities and appreciate the fact that they are unique to Bulgaria! So, how Bulgaria are you? If you read through this and find that you can relate to a few points or more, then you have become a true Bulgarian!! Many foreigners living in Bulgaria are happy enough to stay as Bulgarian residents only and do not apply for full Bulgarian citizenship, as it is often quite hard if you don't understand enough of the language. Personally, I think the paper work to obtain citizenship should contain the following list and if you can tick more than 5-10 points then you will be classed as a Bulgarian citizen!! (Before reading: This is not meant to be offensive to anyone and is just for fun reading only)

How to Become a True Bulgarian:

You must keep a 150 liter supply of cabbage water and wine in your garage

You must always keep a decent supply of alcohol in your house

You should be able to cook all traditional Bulgarian recipes and claim that you can cook them the best

Your most commonly used words should be "wait" "rest" "maybe" and "rakia"

You should be able to drink your weight in rakia, wine or vodka, party until the early hours, have two hours sleep and then wake up and do it all over again

Remember, that solely drinking beer will not get you drunk nor will it give you a hangover the next day

When driving (men) you must be able to travel at 90mph whilst smoking, listening to loud music and using your mobile phone.

When driving (women) you must be able to apply full eye make-up and lipstick whilst drinking your morning coffee and dodging the other traffic.

You only drink tea of you are ill or it is winter.

Rakia is to Bulgarians as holy wine is to the church. Rakia is used to heal cuts, prevent insect bites, and soothe cold and flues and also to drink.

Salad is 'mese' (Bulgarian snack to accompany alcohol) for Rakia. So, obviously if you decide to eat salad you have no choice but to drink rakia with it too.

You must be an expert or 'maistor' at a minimum of one building skill

When choosing what to wear (women) you must choose the highest heels that you can possibly find and watch fellow pedestrian's faces as you manage to walk along uneven streets in them, and also manage the ice and snow in the winters!

Traditionally, blue is the colour for boys and pink is the colour for girls. In Bulgaria, it is orange for a boy and purple for girls.

You stop to chat to your friends and family in the street for hours and are always happy to see them.

You have the ability to watch the television and listen to music or the radio at the same time, without finding it irritating.

You have a relation who lives in a Bulgarian village, who you always visit on Bulgarian National holidays, even if they live the opposite side of the country.

When you marry, your best man is nicknamed 'best man' for the rest of his life.

Your mother or grandmother can spend all day drinking coffee with her friends, watching the Turkish serials, digs the garden and cleans the house and still manages to fill a table with lots of different homemade dishes

(For children) You can attend school, get top marks and continue in to further education at university, whilst spending your days on face book or Skype and then spend all night at a 'diskoteka'

Men, women and children should all own some sort of track suit and a pair of Adidas trainers

You may be just 16 years old and weigh 45-50kg but you can drink more vodka than any other European adult man.

You or someone in your family has a story to tell about an incident with a chainsaw.

You have several years experience at driving a car before you are even old enough to take your driving test.

You must have a love for coffee and drink at least one cup of coffee per day.

You can survive on very little sleep and drink an extra cup of coffee to make up for your lack of sleep.

When invited to any party/gathering you will not commit yourself by saying 'yes' and that you will attend. Instead you answer by saying 'maybe', even though you know that you will definitely be able to attend and go there anyway.

You always know of someone who has a litter of puppies to give away.

You firmly believe that 'Honesty is the best policy' even if you happen to offend someone.

So, how do you measure up? How Bulgarian are you? If you have never lived in Bulgaria, then you will not appreciate these qualities. However, for all of us who live in Bulgaria, these are the things that we have learned to love about life in Bulgaria and have adjusted ourselves to these points and now posses many of these Bulgarian qualities ourselves!