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Bulgaria`s Natural Cures

We all know of a few old wives tales and some other myths about cures to different illnesses and problems, but have any of them ever worked for you?

A spoon of sugar cures a case of the hiccoughs, a fry-up cures a hangover and crusts on bread gives you curly hair! Weather you believe them or not, you have probably heard these and many more and wonder if they really work. In Bulgaria there are also many myths and tales about what things help different problems. Although they may not always work, these Bulgarian myths mayhave a little truth in them after all.


The cure for a common cold?

Bulgarian people in general love to drink coffee, as it is much preferred over drinking tea. In some places, some consider tea to be a cure for the cold and should only be drank at this time. Drinking tea when you're healthy appears odd to them, as they believe that herbal tea, Bulgarian honey and lemon is drank when you're ill.

Garlic and onions are in many Bulgarian dishes, which is how they get such strong flavours. People in Bulgaria believe that eating onions and garlic in their meals helps prevent getting colds and flu's and is good at fighting them too. But with all the goodness in fresh onions and garlic, there may just be some truth in this afterall.

Preventing insect bites

If you are one of those poor people who attracts all the insects and wakes up the next morning to find themselves covered in insect bites, then you may want to read about this cure. During the summer months, there are numerous insects that will come out and bite you, especially if you are prone to insect bites. Apparently, those who drink rakia and vodka will not get insect bites, due to the insects not liking the taste of it in your bloodstream. If you think about the saying "you are what you eat", then you would think that this might actually work. However, many vodka and rakia drinkers still get bitten my mosquito's and other bugs, and unless you drink unhealthy amounts then it is unlikely to work. Don't try this at home!

A cure for a hangover

Doctor's are never going to give you an insight in to curing a hangover and they are certainly not going to give you medication for it either. Can you imagine what would happen to the world if everyone could drink as much as they wanted and wake up the next day feeling as fresh as a daisy? It doesn't bare thinking about! According to the Bulgarians, the popular Bulgarian yoghurt drink 'Airan' and tripe soup aka "Shkembe Chorba" are the two most popular cures for getting rid of a bad hangover in Bulgaria. Whether they work for you depends on whether you can stomach eating tripe soup or sour milk, but they are said to be effective!

There are many other myths and cures, especially involving food and drink in Bulgaria. Maybe you have heard of some or will hear some different ones when you are in Bulgaria!