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A Visit To Reminisce

A visitor to our door the other day was not the man who reads the water meter, the post lady delivering mail that has crossed paths with my visit to pick it up myself, or our neighbours.

No it was a lady in her fifties, who used to live in our house many years ago. Through my daughter's understanding of Bulgarian, she was asking us if it was possible to look at our house and to see the changes from when she used to live here as a girl.

We gave her a guided tour and she explained many differences that had been made to the house. It was interesting from our point of view as we bought the house renovated. However the lay out of many of the rooms were a lot different from when she lived here and many had other uses in her day in comparison to ours today. Some of it had been extended, for instance the outside staircase had gone and an extra room had been built to close it in and extra living space where some of the garden once was. Obviously it was sold to a builder and modernised to make it marketable for foreigners, as I think it had previously been empty for at least 10 years before we purchased it.

I could see the woman getting quite emotional from the look on her face going back to the past as it was a long time ago when she lived here as a girl with her own family. She explained how it used to be, and was repeatedly thanking us, for allowing her the chance to see it once again as she rarely visited the village.

As many people know when you receive an unexpected knock at the door it is usually always at the wrong time, as it was for us on this day. The house was a little untidy, and we were preparing to go out on this particular day. But after seeing the reaction and pleasure of this friendly woman who was an old owner of our house, I felt pleased that we had stopped and let her reminisce her childhood.