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Gabrovo Carnival - The Summary

If you read our main article about the Gabrovo carnival then you may have also been one of the many people who attended the event on Saturday 21st May.

{adsense,pub-9449817363577881, 3370438888,336,280}Well, as one of the spectators there, I must say that the weather was great and many people turned out to the event! The carnival is the biggest event of the year in Gabrovo and is even enjoyed by many people from other towns too.


The carnival was an all day event, which ran in to the night too. It started in the morning and gradually throughout the day, more and more people gathered to watch the parade that started later that day. Although there was a steady flow of people all over Gabrovo, the majority of them seemed to be seated at the tables in the centre of Gabrovo at the municipality at the "Beer Fest", where customers could enjoy a refreshing glass of draught beer in the sun.

On previous years when I have attended the carnival, finding seats at the Beer Fest or a vacant table at a bar or restaurant proves to be a challenge in itself, even if you get there in plenty of time! Parking is also difficult on this day, and as some of the car parks in the area are under construction, this made parking even more of a headache. Ideally, the only way to enjoy the carnival in a stress-free manner is to leave your car in a safe place and don't move it again until you leave, or travel in to Gabrovo using public transport and then continue on foot.

This year, there were fewer people at the carnival and so the streets were not so congested. However finding a free space at a restaurant, cafe or bar was still a struggle. Often, when I have visited cafes and bars with friends, if it is full other people may ask to sit at our table if there are spare seats. On a few occasions my friends and I have had to share a table with other customers when the cafe/bar is full, but it is accepted here as normal and it isn't a problem, as the other people at the table are always very well mannered and are not rude or badly behaved in any way.

This was the same at the carnival on Saturday. Luckily, we managed to find some seats at the Beer Fest whilst there were still some seats available and we sat and watched a band playing on the stage. After a while, more people came and had nowhere to sit, so most people just sit wherever they can find a space.

The carnival brought a lot of people in to Gabrovo from surrounding areas, and the two shopping malls in Gabrovo were also busy on Saturday.
It was a very good day and everyone seemed to have a great time and lots of fun! The carnival is held every year in the middle of May in Gabrovo, so if you fancy going but missed it this year, there is always next year!