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Noisy Nights In A Village

As the temperatures starts to rise in Bulgaria, it is great to see the daily sunshine and embark on tidying the garden and relaxing in the sunshine.


However as bedtime approaches, and although not hot enough for the fans, it is now nice to open the bedroom windows. Of course I know we shouldn't complain as the noisy wildlife and village dogs are better than sirens and loud youths in the U.K.

The birds never seem to sleep where we are and now the frogs have joined in to have their say. But when all you want is a good nights sleep however nice it may seem the dogs are the worst, howling and barking. Friends nearby also have a moan as most homes have several dogs near to them and when one starts the others copy.

Although we have a pet dog, he does have his moments and can be as noisy as the others, but giving him a safe haven to sleep in close to the house, means he is still reasonable security and doesn't join in with the chorus of others!

Bulgarian's I know prefer to keep them outside of the house for security, but surely they must get frustrated with the noise on and off all night? It is not like all these homes are being burgled!

We love dogs like most, but it is surprising how noisy a village can be here. So if you are a light sleeper and are considering buying a rural property it is worth making a visit at night!