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Bulgaria`s Increase in Western Flavour


A recent visit to Burgas, situated on the southern Black sea coast completely surprised me when I saw the changes that have been made to the city over the past few years; it was almost like a trip to a city in the U.K.

The out of city shopping complexes situated on the outskirts of the beautiful city had signs advertising KFC, McDonald's, Subway, Starbuck and Mark's and Spencer's.

Carrefour is a shop that stocks just about everything you can think of, and a store that is increasing in numbers throughout the country.

I know this is good news for those who miss these shops and food stores. I can live without them most of the time here in Bulgaria, although I must admit a fast food pick me up, is a nice treat now and again when visiting these areas!

But as we observed it is also becoming popular with the Bulgarians too, so I guess in time this will also cause the obesity problems that exist in other western countries from the over indulgence of this food!