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A Combination Of Old And New - Nessebar

Nessebar is located in the Burgas province with the ancient name Messembria and situated north of Bulgaria's busy Sunny Beach. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations of the Black Sea.

An ancient town and a major resort, it is rich in history and has an abundance of recognised museums and treasures, which prompted UNESCO to include Nessebar into the list of World Heritage Sites in 1983.

After various conflicts throughout the ages Nessebar old town was restored and has a multitude of monuments, churches and restored wooden houses set amongst narrow cobbled streets.Although my visit was brief, small shops were just beginning to open around the Easter weekend.

I can see why it attracts thousands of visitors every year as it is a truly beautiful seaside town. There are plenty of souvenir shops selling lace, wood and leather goods and restaurants and lodgings for tourists to enjoy.

The old part is situated on a peninsular which was previously an island and a narrow road connects the old town with the newer modern Nessebar.

Nessebar new town is an attractive and modern town nestled nearby. The newer part is a working town and unlike the Sunny Beach resort is open all year round as Bulgarians live here. Situated alongside the town are wide sandy beaches that were empty on our visit but no doubt buzzing in the height of the season with all the usual leisure activities.

Nessebar is outstanding with a spectacular location along the coast, the quiet neighbour to Sunny Beach and is definitely worth a visit.