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Sunny Beach Bulgaria - Out Of Season

When deciding on where to go for that all important holiday after a tough year at work, some choose to go to the rowdy destinations, full of life and nonstop partying and others choose a quieter, less commercial location. After all everybody is different. Many opt for a vacation out of season, when a resort is less busy.

On a trip recently I had the opportunity to explore Bulgaria's southern black sea coastline including the popular Sunny Beach resort plus a few quieter, quainter surrounding towns out of season.


Dependent on choice, some towns were better than others however most had a good amount of apartments and hotels built around them. The busy Sunny Beach as expected was over built with many unfinished investment buildings. It is a resort that is overdeveloped, and not much thought has gone into the location of some of the construction work therefore apartments have been built anywhere and everywhere and many situated a good distance from amenities. Untidy grassland surrounds many hotels and on the outskirts that bring the area down. The possibility of all these apartment rooms and hotels being completely full is quite a thought!

The weather was better than expected, and of course Sunny Beach at the moment was a far cry from the bustling seaside resort of the summer months with sardine, packed beaches. It was great to see the beautiful golden beaches empty, with just the seagulls and the noise of the waves splashing on the sand. The central part was pleasant but work was underway, grouting swimming pools, gardening, cleaning and building work, preparing for the summer season.

Sunny Beach,close to the historic town of Nessebar is a manmade resort and disadvantages of a visit out of season were that very few bars, restaurants and supermarkets were open, however those that were, offered friendly service. Some people who have purchased apartments along this stretch do live here all year round.

It is a great base to stay and within close proximity to many neighbouring and quieter resorts.

Burgas a bustling city by the sea has everything and is only 30 km away from Sunny Beach. Carrefour, Mark's and Spencer's, McDonalds' and Starbucks can be found here- I actually thought I had returned to the U.K!

Most souvenir shops and snack bars still shuttered up, a few were trying their luck for the Easter weekend trade and over the next few weeks more will open for the tourist season.
Coming soon Nessebar.....