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The Active Life In Rural Bulgaria

Living the country life in Bulgaria should in my opinion be advertised as a good way to lose weight or at least keep it under control, even class it as a fitness regime.


Looking at some of the daily jobs that need to be done, it sometimes seems that you never get a minute to relax.

Yes I know for some that the extra glass of beer or wine is tempting with prices being cheaper than those of many peoples homeland, plus the tasty food. But when you consider many foreigners who have bought a property in Bulgaria it is likely to be larger than what they had, and also most come with a good sized plot of land. Of course then instantly there is more cleaning, gardening and general DIY maintenance.

Many decide with such a large garden, to try their luck at growing vegetables like the locals. It can take a considerable amount of time and energy in the upkeep of the veg plot, but just think of the manual work involved and the calories burnt if you decide to do it yourself, especially in the heat of the summer! I know many hire locals and pay as and when needed to help with the harder work including my Bulgarian neighbour.

The summer months can be very busy with the abundance of vegetables, try your hand like locals at the time consuming preserving and pickling at the end of the season to prepare a stock of tasty store cupboard essentials for the winter.

Also most people will have their wood delivered in the warmer months as it needs time to dry and leaving it until the heart of winter it is more expensive to buy. Obviously more work is involved here, or again pay for hired help.

During the winter there is no gardening to keep you fit, and it is easy to become lazy especially on colder days. Although if using wood as a source of heating, it still requires constant back and forth trips to the garden and restocking supplies in your home. This then makes a lot of mess around the house so you are always sweeping or vacuuming.

This winter has not been as bad as others, in previous years the deep snow fall caused more work in clearing paths, roof terraces and cars. Combine the mess the wood creates carrying in the house plus when the snow ploughs have gritted roads we have wet snow and grit on entering doorways. Sometimes I ask myself is this an easier life?

There is also a fact that compared to living in towns or cities; village life also means that there are fewer amenities, such as restaurants or take outs for convenience food. So unless you travel out constantly, cooking is another job you have to do if you want to eat. I actually think this has been a bonus in keeping my weight under control as living in a village you can't just phone for a take -away, you need to be organised with shopping and meal planning.

If there is spare time and energy you can pursue interests you actually came here to do such as walking either alone or with a pet dog or activities such as cycling and getting outdoors admiring the scenery, and breathing in the fresh air. Or maybe just chill with a book or some T.V. after all this lot!