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Changing Sizes In Bulgaria


In the past few years I have heard many people comment on the change in clothes sizes in shops, a higher amount of people with weight issues, as well as an increase in the number of fast food/ snack shops that have opened.

I remember first coming to Bulgaria and was shocked by how the majority of the public were very thin and although not everyone was really thin, the majority of people were. Just as little as three years ago, it was rare to see many overweight people and if you did they were in the minority. However, recently I have noticed just how the Bulgarian public in general seem to be getting bigger and compared to before, there are fewer thin people around.

Although I have never had problems buying clothes in Bulgaria, I know many people who have found it near to impossible to find a pair of jeans to fit them. Just a few years ago, it was said that in most modern Bulgarian clothes shops, you will not be able to find clothes to fit you if you are above a UK size 10. There was fewer snack shops around and there were a lot less overweight people. Even for some Bulgarian people women who were perhaps a UK size 14/16, have told me of how difficult it is to find clothes to fit them. There were very few places that catered for larger ladies and would make shopping a miserable experience for them. Even shoes sizes were smaller! It used to a lot harder to find shoes in size 40/41, where as now there seems to be available. Again, it is not as if all Bulgarian women have tiny feet and are very thin, because there are Bulgarian women who struggle to get clothes and shoes in bigger sizes.

I noticed about a year ago that there are more and more people are not so thin and everyone seems to be getting bigger. But it wasn't until I have heard from visitors in Bulgaria that they too have noticed these changes too, so I knew that it can't have been my imagination! I recently went shopping with my mum to find a pair of size 12 jeans, which 2 years ago would have been very difficult, but I was surprised to see just how big the sizes went up to. There are now many more shops that are stocking larger sized clothes, many of the sizes even range up to a size 18/20! It is very strange to see such a drastic change in a short period of time and I wondered what could have caused such a change?! However, after a day out shopping in a local town, I discovered the explanation to why this is. Many of the fashion shops have closed down and replaced with snack shops selling chips, pizza, sandiched and other fast snacks. In some streets it seems as if every other shop is a snack shop. There has also been an increase in the number of famous fast food restaurants that opened across the country, as well as sandwich shops too. Not everyone in Bulgaria has become a fast food addict, but many of the younger generation in cities and towns can be seen queing up at snack shops to purchase crisps, chips, pizza, pastries and other unhealthy snacks. Maybe the rise in the number of snack shops in the country has lead to people gaining weight which is why shops are now stocking larger clothes sizes?!