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The Dwindling Population Of Bulgarian Villages

Church bells have been rung regularly in our Bulgarian village.

If you are not familiar with this it represents a variety of occasions, with continual rings signifying a holiday day, but when there is death of a person that lives in the village, there are 3 rings for a man, 2 rings for a woman and 1 which thankfully I have never heard for a child. The bells will be rung in accordance with the sex of the deceased several times a day with a slight pause between. They are rung on the day of the person dying and the following when they will be buried in the village cemetery.

Over the past few weeks there have been quite a few deaths, some we know some we don't. It has been quite sombre as I guess it makes you aware of the aging population here in coincidence with the recent news of inhabited villages in Bulgaria. With reports suggesting in the coming future, due to lack of facilities and money being invested will leave more villages empty. I can certainly see that now through our village what a concern it is for Bulgaria. Our village has a lot of holiday homes that only get use a few weeks of the year, so therefore not a lot of money goes into the local facilities. There are also several guest houses that are used frequently by Bulgarian visitors from the cities.

Our village has a reasonable population, most are older who live here, but there are a handful of younger families that have been brought up and always seem to return at least for weekend to visit. Plus we are fortunate to have a school, post office, a doctor, shops and bus stop. We do have a dairy factory that produces cheese on the outskirts, and has recently expanded which has created work for the locals, and so has helped the village tremendously.
But I wonder how long they will stay; I know most of the businesses struggle. I suppose the amount that buys into and actually lives in the village doesn't equal the locals that die, and who have spent their whole lives here.

So we do OK at the moment for facilities, I guess these amenities were a plus point that helped us make the decision to buy in this particular village as I would not have liked total isolation in quieter hamlets and continual lengthy trips for shopping etc.
According to my neighbour during communism the now disused factories were bustling with workers, a restaurant, ice-cream and cake shop, shops, bread factory and more but all are closed now and many of the people moved to the nearest towns and cities.