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Helping the Planet from Bulgaria

Are you interested in helping to conserve energy in Bulgaria then if so why not participate in EARTH HOUR.

This event is held on 26th March at 8.30pm, and involves people around the globe turning off lights and all electric appliances for 1 hour in the hope of saving energy.



The idea then is to spend time reflecting on life in the peace and quiet of this special time with loved ones and friends.


There are about 10 cities taking part across Bulgaria to support this event ,Sofia and Pernik are thought to be holding ‘concerts' during this time instead of being quiet- Are they using instruments that require electric or are they just harmonising with natural vocals?

We regularly have no electric in our village does this count - Again last Sunday yet another power cut for maybe 2 hours, luckily just had dinner. Candles and torches on standby, even our teenagers know where they are as they are so used to it.

Early evening and the house was dark and it allowed everyone to talk instead of watching TV or hooked on the internet and facebook.

I don't always find it a time to reflect, if anything a little frustrating, because it is usually right bang in the middle of a job you are doing that requires electric, like ironing or cooking! Christmas lunch 2010, was an example, right in the middle of cooking lunch! No electric for an hour or so.

Power cuts happen frequently in Bulgaria, but then I guess we are saving power?