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Bulgaria And Wedding Rings

Something that I found strange when I first came to Bulgaria was wedding rings.I found it strange how nobody wore a wedding ring and I thought that maybe marriage wasn't so common here.

I then found out that wedding rings in Bulgaria are actually worn on your right hand. They are still worn on the finger next to the little finger (the ring finger) but on your right hand not your left.

An engagement ring is worn on the left hand and a wedding ring is worn on the right hand.

In Bulgaria, engagaments usually last between one day and one year and are most commonly held on a saturday, although often people choose to have a wedding on a Sunday or on a public holiday too.

After the couple marry, the wedding ring is worn on the brides right hand. Most often, the bride will only wear her wedding ring, although she may also choose to wear her engagament ring either on her left ring finger or on her right hand on the same finger as her wedding ring.

A Bulgarian wedding is greatly celebrated and involves a lot of dancing and fun. The bride and groom will invite all of their friends and family to the event and afterwards at the reception, they will all enjoy a lot of fun, dancing and just have a great time together!