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Good News For Expat Book Worms

A great service for all of us who miss English books in Bulgaria is the 'Book Cave in Veliko Tarnovo' who sells second hand English Language fiction and non fiction.

The bookshop is located just a hundred meters away from the Yantra Hotel in Veliko Tarnovo, on No. 9, Opalchenska Street.(The street that takes you to Samovodene, not the street that goes down to the Tsarevets Fortress).


Obviously the the advantages of second-hand as opposed to new books is clearly the price, another is that with over 4000 different titles in stock, there is something for all tastes; ranging from 80 year old rare and unusual books to this year airport best sellers.

Books can be bought outright, or once read can be returned to the store where 50% of the original selling price is used against the cost of the next purchase. They are also happy to consider you own unwanted books as credit against stock in the shop.

For keen readers in the Veliko Tarnovo area there is also a membership scheme, this allows customers to read and exchange books for just a few leva a time.
Online stock lists can be searched for a favourite author or specific title.

This is useful for occasional visitors to the city; only about half of the stock fits in the shop at any given time but any book can be quickly located on request. A quick email a day or two before a planned visit ensures that any given book can be in the shop on the day you are.

By popular demand you can also order specifically requested titles; this can be anything from a rare ‘out of print' title to an eagerly awaited best seller.Recently our daughter requested a title of a book she wanted and received a fast reply to her inquiry,the book was ordered and in stock for a very reasonable price.

So for all those book worms, visit the Book Cave in Veliko Tarnovo.