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Learning To Save Money

Living in a Bulgarian village can help you save you money. In today's struggling economy it is a good job as the ever increasing costs of living in Bulgaria are gradually increasing for those who live here.

Before I moved to Bulgaria the temptation to buy clothes and items that I probably didn't need during lunch breaks in town were always there. But since living here I have been less conscious of trends, and wore older items when around the house and garden, like the Bulgarians do therefore saving better clothes for going out in.


If I need something I will buy it but compared to what I used to purchase I very rarely buy anything here unless I really need it. I tend to look and ask myself the question ‘Do I really need this?' and often the answer is not really. The summer will bring along my usual buys of a few pairs of flip flops as they wear out fast on the rough roads and paths when walking. Other than that the same summer wardrobe comes back out again from last year, unless I really spot an item I really love.

Of course it may be down to the location as I don't live in walking distance to shops other than food shops. So before using the car travelling to the nearest town on non essential trips, there is a tendency to wait until you have several errands to do as it can become expensive with the ever increasing fuel cost of Bulgaria.

So anybody wishing to cut back - daily life in a village means you save money as there are no temptations just beautiful surroundings that offer plenty of opportunities to pursue other interests.