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Challenges In Bulgaria


When you arrive at your new home in a new country there will be no doubt some problems you encounter.

But many people overcome them and get into the challenge of learning the main issues such as the language, culture and integrating with new friends. It takes time to become accustom with some of the challenges of your new lifestyles especially in countries including Bulgaria; there can be many situations in day to day life you may not be used to.

My biggest challenge the first couple of years living here was the regular water shortages.Locals were used to storing water in huge concrete tanks, or plastic barrels. So we also had to get used to a similar set up, and regularly in the long periods of drought had to queue at the local water springs that are scattered all over Bulgaria and fill bottles from the constant flowing taps,( although these can run slow as the dry season drags on). It always paid to have a stock stored in a cool place as it often went off without notice.

We were very lucky in our village due to the nearby cheese factory expanding and needing a reliable water source, eventually  new pipes were laid and we were linked to a larger nearby reservoir to suit the consumption of the factory and village. So now thankfully  it is only the odd day when we are without water due to maintenance.

Thinking about this problem, I realise that over the past few months yes we have had heavy snow fall which helps towards the water levels, but I can't remember in our region when it last rained.I know some areas in the north west have a higher rainfall, but it has been considerably dry for months here. We have heavy storms and damp dull days,even summer can start late due to rain, but measured over a year not nearly as much rainfall compared to other countries. It actually makes me aware that we need to be careful with the wasting of water here and conserving it and not wasting it. I know Bulgaria has dated methods of collecting and storing water so obviously this doesn't help the situation, and due to long dry spells during the summer resevoirs can dry up.

As we are only in April a the moment, our monthly visit from the Bulgarian man who reads the meter told my husband the other day that the reservoir is already low and this is before summer!