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A Reminder to Change the Clocks

It's that time of year again in Bulgaria and most other European countries to remember to put our clocks forward one hour from 3 am Sunday 31 March 2013.

The term given to this practice is 'Daylight Saving Time' or 'summertime' as it is also known in others countries. It gives many the chance to enjoy an extra hour of light during the summer months, with the opportunity to pursue extra outdoor activities after work and school. It also allows extra time to get those chores done in the garden and outside of the house.

However not everybody agrees with the clock changes as it causes disruptions to a variety of issues, including farmers work, sleep patterns, meetings and travel. Many would prefer to have a standard time throughout the year.

Of course you will also lose an hour of sleep tonight. Those who work weekends and night shifts will feel a little worst for wear tomorrow with working an extra hour tonight. And will the cat and dog understand why breakfast is late in the morning?

Plus don't forget the task of remembering to alter all the clocks in the house in the morning too!