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A Great Day In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


Praise should go to the event organisers of Bulgaria's old capital city 'Veliko Tarnovo's street parade' held yesterday.

A great atmosphere flowed through the streets, with old and young enjoying the party like atmosphere. Police closed off the normally busy main street to allow the street parties to go ahead.

A mobile disco and DJ were transported around the city with regular stops and hoards of people following the vehicle enjoying the music and dancing with it.

Veliko Tarnovo was buzzing with life, throughout the day into the night. Bars and restaurants around the city were full to the brim with many enjoying the celebration with friends and family.

One of the highlights for us later in the evening was watching the sound and light show. It almost seemed as though the whole of Veliko Tarnovo were making their way with us on foot, noisily jeering but peacefully I must add. It was great to be apart of the thousands of spectators that were enjoying this great day.


We approached the Tsaravets Castle, amid the enormous crowd of spectators, the aroma of popcorn, everybody enjoying the fun and outdoor disco with music and dancing. Later the DJ and disco left and moved on to another destination. The loud cheers began from the huge crowd to the wonderful display of hundreds of illuminated air balloons being released up in to the night sky over the castle. The 'Sound and Light ' show began seen in the distant hills with its spectacular display of colour and visual effects in the cool night sky.

Of course the entertainment didn't end there for most as the entertainment continued not only at the organised parties, bars and night clubs around the city were buzzing until the early hours of this morning. I would imagine plenty of hangovers today!

I adore Veliko Tarnovo, it truly is a great city, a combination of old and new and it's very popular with tourists from around the world. I do hope in the near future the nearby Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport will find an investor to fund the project of reopening this airport. Bulgaria really needs an airport in this region of the country, as  it would not only promote further tourism in this great city but other areas surrounding it.It may help to boost the property market in this area again and save the long transfers for those who have already invested in property.