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Bank Cards In Bulgaria

A recent poll out had discovered that there was a lack of knowledge in the use of debit and credit cards in Bulgaria.

Many were only used for withdrawing salaries at the end of the month. The option to pay for shop purchases, and pay bills was not high on the list for most of the general public. It is believed that there is not enough information available, plus a lack of trust in paying by a plastic card.


In Bulgaria's defence for so long it has been a cash society and a with some of the lowest salaries in the E.U, there is probably no need to acquire a bank account and card as money goes out paying bills as fast as it comes in. Especially with the recent reports on increases in food and fuel prices and later in the summer the electricity prices will rise as much as 5%.I would say salaries like many countries when working don't rise to match the cost of living.

This is a total new way of life to a large majority, yes there are the wealthier city Bulgarian's who are keeping up with the ever moving trends being introduced into the country. Yet there is the other side of the population who are less educated in this type of living. Also there is the poverty stricken, who literally go through bins to find food. Bulgaria has a split in its people with the rich, the working class just getting by, and finally the poor just getting poorer.

It will take a long time for these new systems of to be introduced. From an outsider looking in there is not enough information and teaching in these areas, to help citizens. Yes we appreciate the small village shops are not going to have this payment method, but cities try to become up to date with new ways of technology, but for many they are not equipped to follow through with the new styles of payment methods.

I have on several occasions gone to buy large purchases, and as it stated the different cards on both the door of the shop and the check out, tried to hand the plastic over to pay yet to be told they don't have a machine for this method of payment. So feeling embarrassed, gone to quickly locate a cash machine to withdraw cash to go and buy my goods.I must admit, I now always ensure I have cash as I know it is not a  reliable method of payment.

Larger stores are a little better equipped, but sometimes I wish I hadn't chosen the card option as it takes a long time, and there are many frustrated, sighing customers behind me in the queue!