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Bulgarian Hospitality

It’s usual to receive an invitation to be a guest at a local Bulgarians home, to socialize over an alcoholic beverage and plates of meze.


Usually the alcoholic drink you’ll be given is homemade of some sort like red or white wine or the traditional Rakia. The Rakia is not something I’m very fond of, but the homemade wine is certainly very fruity and delicious.

If you are a whisky drinker, Rakia is a definite recommendation and many Bulgarians will tell you that their Rakia is better than any whisky, which in some cases is true. To compliment the Rakia, a plate of salad is typically eaten and if you drink beer, sausage and meat is eaten.

Whether you’re a holiday maker or living in Bulgaria, I’m sure you’ll have experienced a drunken evening with your friendly neighbor or at least you will do. And to be accepted as an expat, is usually having the taste for the drink. It always is a really cozy time spent, when round a locals. The table is full with plates of food and drink and the Bulgarians hospitality is never ending. I’ve been around quite a few homes as a guest and you’ll never leave without feeling either stomach full or drunk.