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Do You Belong in Bulgaria?


Do You Belong in Bulgaria? A few questions to ask yourself if it is the right move for you.

What sort of lifestyle are you looking for?

A. Laidback, quiet and sociable living

B. Somewhere with sunshine all year round

C. A busy and English speaking place

Do you like Bulgarian people?

A. Yes, they are very kind and nice people

B. They are friendly but I prefer to mix with expats

C. I’ve never met a Bulgarian, I intend on befriending expats

Are you going to learn Bulgarian?

A. Yes or at least I’m trying hard too

B. I tried but I found it too difficult

C. No. I don’t need to learn the language, there are expats that I can talk to

How would you describe yourself as a person?

A. I like to socialize and have a drink whilst relaxing

B. I don’t mind socializing but I prefer to be very busy and occupied at all times

C. I hate mixing or going out. I like to stay indoors most of the time

What food do you like to eat?

A. Anything. I love Bulgarian food and I’m willing to try anything new

B. I don’t mind Bulgarian food but I much prefer take out

C. I only eat takeout. I hate anything new or different

Do You Belong in Bulgaria? Let’s find out the answer?

Mostly A’s- It sounds like your perfectly suited to be a Bulgarian resident

Mostly B’s- maybe you should give moving a little more thought and looking into.

Mostly C’s- This is certainly not the place for you. I would suggest trying somewhere different.