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My Top Tips for Settling in as an Expat

1. Learn the language; It’s tough and a little challenging but by just learning a few of the basic words, you’ll show the locals that your prepared to fit in.

I was seriously worried about practicing my pickups on Bulgarians. But I was pleasantly surprised when most were very polite and helpful.

2. Having a drink and shopping at the local shop/ bar

My whole reason of settling in was down to this small but handy little tip. Before this, my typical day consisted of staying indoors and not integrating with anybody, I guess It’s because it felt safer hidden away and it was such a daunting thought sitting with a load of strangers that don’t understand you. However I decided to break my fear and socialize. It actually didn’t seem so bad after all, everybody was great and welcoming. Most talked, there were just a couple that seemed a bit wary of us.

3. Socialize with your neighbor
There will be mornings when you’ll want to kill them for the amount of Rakia they lured you into having the night before, but there’s nothing better than spending time with your friendly neighbor. Whether you’re invited as a guest at their home or reversed, you’ll usually have fun. If you are a guest at another’s home, a typical evening would be spent drinking some sort of alcoholic beverage along with plates of meze in plenty of comfort. If it’s reversed, he/she will bring a  bottle filled with their homemade indulgence- Rakia, which you’ll be expected to try.

4. Getting involved with traditions
Bulgaria has many traditions that are necessary to follow if you want to fit in. For the major celebrations, our village used to hold large parties, which we always attended simply to mix and show our willingness to understand more about Bulgaria.