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Visiting a Hairdresser in Bulgaria

I’ve always looked at getting a hair cut as a chore, well that’s until I enter the chair and end up rather enjoying myself and feeling totally relaxed.


A great cut and dry can make any woman feel glamorous and feminine, so it’s a privilege finding a good salon near you to cater for your needs.  I tend to not go as often as I used to, mainly down to the fact that I have a lot longer hair now. I usually, on a monthly basis do pretty much everything myself, if I want anything unusual I’d probably book an appointment but the basic stuff such as trimming the ends, fringe cutting and hair dying- I can handle. It’s not down to any Bulgarian hairdresser, I just don’t seem to find the time to go and I’ve always loved experimenting alone with my hair. However I’m sure the many women and men out there enjoy a little pampering outside the home.


I know its seems sort of daunting entering a Bulgarian salon, worried your precious locks will be incorrectly cut or colored through the difficulty of understanding. We’ve all been there. My first time was scary, but I went there very much prepared with a cut out photo from a magazine and a small pocket sized phrasebook to help e explain. Actually I’ve more or less been doing the same ever since, just without the phrasebook. I’ve been to two different salons and both of them have left me very pleased with the results at a more than reasonable price. An average trim/cut and blow-dry costs me about 10lv with England forcing me to forge out more than 12.00 GBP. And as for a color, on average of 30lv and in England an average of 50.00 GBP What a difference in price eh?