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Comparing Costs


Comparing living costs is often most people's favourite research when deciding to relocate. Often most are pleased when it turns out that the country they want to move to is much cheaper than that of home.

Obviously Bulgaria for many comes out top of the list for being one of the least expensive places to live in, from food and drink to many household bills. Yes clothes and electrical items can be expensive but when you weigh the overall expense, it is still cheaper.

The only downside I guess for many yonger expats living abroad is earning an income in their new home and country,so sometimes it doesn't matter how inexpensive a lifestyle is if you need to earn money.

However today was a good example when comparing costs between the U.K  and Bulgaria for two teenagers visiting the city for a day out? Plenty of high street shops to suit all budgets and around three new modern shopping malls with two of them has activities such as cinema and bowling. One game of bowling for three people during the day was 9 lv, I think a little higher for evening play, plus other games to occupy them for a few hours, a good choice of coffee shops for drinks and snacks and again not extortionist prices, no wonder we came to Bulgaria!

Although this one example appears cheap to both Bulgarians and foreigners in Bulgaria, other entertainment and luxuries are considered inexpensive to expats only, but for anyone on a Bulgarian wage will appreciate that not everything is so inexpensive! A months salary in Bulgaria is about 400 lv for non skilled work and between 600-800 lv for skilled professions, which means that although some activities such as socialising at a bar are seen as cheap, some of the newer and more westernised entertainments such as the cinema and ice-skating is quite expensive when your wages are not so high.Suprisingly, a game of bowling at the nearby mall was not as expensive as what was imagined. The majority of the time, both expats and Bulgarians will agree that Bulgaria is a good place to live and on the contrary, inexpensive for both Bulgarians and foreigners.