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Back to School in Bulgaria


Today I will see life from two sides, the village has become incredibly quiet in the daytime as all the kids that stay with grandparents for the whole summer have gone back to school in the cities.

However most will be back again for weekend visits. Throughout the last 3 months the village school that caters for children from 7-14 year olds, many of which come from other areas,will re-open and see more life than of late.It has only saw the life of workers cleaning and gardening to prepare for the big day over the last 3 months until the big day the 15th September.A day that all school children have marked in their diary,the same date every year even if it falls on a weekend day.

Believe it or not the village is lively from June to September with noisy kids of all ages gathering at the local shops for snacks and drinks, playing football,riding bikes and listening to music or simply talking to friends in the hot Bulgarian sunshine.Older teenagers spending some time on Facebook and the internet just like U.K kids and comparing mobile phones.Meeting later, with young and old at the shop for a chat about the day.Bulgarian youngsters are always able to find things to occupy them, and many love to practice their language skills on the English that live in the village,some even add us to their Facebook and say" Hello ".

Later visiting our nearest city for shopping and bill paying,it will be a lot busier than it has been for a few months with primary and secondary school children still looking smart after their first few days back at school,finishing another day at school in Bulgaria.Bustling streets with laughing and chatting, a lot of ques at the snack bars scattered around the city, and waiting for the next bus to get them home.It often makes you wonder where all these youngsters have been over the summer months?

Schoolife in Bulgaria is a lot different to that of the U.K children who start at 7 years old and finish at 18, they have different time schedules depending on school and age. Some start at 7am and finish at 1pm.They do not have school uniforms.

Bulgaria's Education system has had budget cuts and has forced many school closures due to lack of funding,and colleges and universities have lost upto 50% of financial support. Reports show concerns for pupils not being prepared for college and university.Compared to English children many Bulgarian's do appear to be a little more immature in having a childish sense of humour, maybe because they start school later and stay on later.The behaviour amonst younger kids can be cheeky, but in larger cities older students gather together to talk, and have coffee with friends after school is finished for the day, before heading home and preparing for the next day.