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Guests In Winter

During the hot summers those who live here Bulgaria most likely get plenty of guests preferring to visit here rather thanyou to them, especially those from cooler climes.

Visiting Bulgaria during the winter is ok if you enjoy skiing and the huge range of winter sports on offer in these resorts, but I know not everybody's choice.

Some have people back home who wish to see the fairy tale picture of all the snow - (if they have not seen enough already across most other parts of Europe) and does it really get that cold? Or is this just my Mum who wanted to see the winter in Bulgaria this year for a change to her usual summer visits?

Plus cities close to where we live such as Gabrovo and Veliko Turnovo are not so much fun in the bad weather with an older parent and uneven icy paths to walk on. In Sofia this week they had already had many hospital cases from falls through the bad weather, another point to consider at this time of year.

I had mentioned many times during phone conversations before booking her flights that it gets very cold, often well below minus degrees, and bring plenty of warm clothes, good boots. Also there is the boredom factor when days are so miserable nobody wants to be sightseeing or shopping. Plus a reminder that our house is not like that of the U.K with heating at the flick of a switch it is the long process every day of cleaning the fires and starting again and continually refuelling the damn things! But we do have the luxury of electric blankets, a good find in Praktika!

Did she listen? No. All I have heard up to now is how cold it is and the state of the paths. Then she's too hot from the heat of log burner sitting next to it watching TV, and 'I didn't think I would need my scarf!'
I think it will be just summer visits from now on.