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Stray Dogs in Bulgaria

Everybody who descends upon Bulgarian soil will see the sad faces of the stray dogs almost everywhere.


It is amazing how many there are,and such a shame but I guess the country does not have the resources to deal with  the problem.

Unlike other countries such as the U.K for example,dogs in Bulgaria are kept more often for the security they can provide for their owners property,not as a lovable pet  . However it amazes me how some dogs that are left to fend for themselves look healthy,yet some obviously just do not get the hang of it and look pathetically skeletal,and so weak,a heart breaking sight to many.
Today whilst out in the car I saw one that fits this description,and if I  could, I would just take them home with me.Many who come to live in Bulgaria often with no intentions of having a pet, eventually have their heartstrings pulled and take one or more
into their care,and give the dog a loving home.
I have read stories of the country neutering them,and also saw some with blue tags in one of their ears,but I have never actually saw anybody from an organisation actually dealing with the animal. The majority where we live seem harmless and more often quite nervous of people,but I know in other areas there have been attacks.

Nights can be extremely noisy in a village with dogs barking. The combination of the stray dogs running freely,disturbing those that do have a home can create quite a commotion with competitive barking, howling and whining.So on a warm summers evening with windows open to catch the night breeze, it may just be a tad annoying for those who sleep lightly, or possibly earplugs!