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Saturday Shopping

Saturday in smaller cities around Bulgaria close early around 2-3pm and I completely forgot this fact so it was a disappointment when for the first time in ages I felt like a little retail therapy! The city of Gabrovo was like a ghost town.

I have never noticed it much in the past in larger cities maybe more open all day and then there are the malls to pass time in, but today I wanted to support the high street shops and often they are a little cheaper.


Somehow it is not the same when places like this are quiet with only a few people about, I suppose you just expect it to be busy on a Saturday as it is the weekend and people like to go and shop. I know I used to dread shopping in the U.K because it was so busy on a Saturday and I always tried to make it after work or even on a Sunday.
Food stores and a selection of the second hand clothes 'ftora upodreba' shops, others but a large majority were closed.

'ftora upodreba'

I have to say these are definitely worth looking around for great bargains and decent quality clothes especially if you require a larger size. Some shops sell the clothes by weight and it differs every day, it is stated on the shop front window.
But we didn't seem to spend as long as I would have liked browsing and passing a couple of hours in some of the newly opened high street shops, and finishing the day off with dinner out as my daughter's birthday treat. Although being a complete shopaholic she had no trouble finding something to buy.