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Dining Out in Bulgaria



Eating out in Bulgaria is an enjoyable experience of culinary delights.Traditional Bulgarian cuisine is similar to that of Greece and Turkey with its own variations.

Menu`s contain a good choice and most people visitng a Bulgarian Restaurant will find something that they like.The dishes that are served here are good,using seasonal produce that is available at the specific time of year,which are of an outstanding quality.Prepared dishes are not overly exotic,but nevertheless tasty, wholesome and relatively inexpensive.

On most menus there is always an excellent choice of delicious salads,grilled meats,mixed vegetables and rice dishes. Traditional  "one pot dishes" known as either "Hotch potch" or Kavarma which are similar to stews and are very warming for the cold winter that decends on Bulgaria! Available all year round,they are suitable for meat eaters or vegetarians.The vegetarian fillings are with cheese and egg or rice and vegetables,and when baked are a great alternative to meat. When ordering, staff will warn you that they can take a little longer,but served with Bulgarian flat bread known as 'Parlenka' it`s worth waiting for.

If you have never dined out in Bulgaria be prepared that dishes will arrive at different times so it is best to start eating instead of politely waiting for others because there is a good chance it will go cold if you were to wait for them all to arrive at the same time.

Cold food is also another issue for non-Bulgarians, probably due to the hot summers, soups and other dishes can occasionally be served cooler than you would prefer.However most restaurants have microwaves so ask them to re-heat if you are not happy with the temperature.I have to say this has never been a huge problem when I have eaten out, maybe chefs are getting used to western style eaters.

The meat dishes can surprise many in the way that most of the animal will be eaten.For instance,you will see on display at most butcher shops,the heads of pigs,trotters,ears,fat and offal.

When dining out in Bulgaria,you will discover that food is very tasty,but is often derived from only a few ingredients.When eating out, do as the Bulgarians do and share dishes and then you get to try more of the great cuisine.