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Parking In Bulgaria

Trying to park is often sheer frustration for many car owners on a daily basis but nevertheless a cost that most people would prefer not to have to pay in day to day lives and especially coming from the U.K,where the costs were horrendous before we left. I know from relatives who visit that prices still continue to rise.

However Bulgaria -a different tale - yes cities do charge in designated blue or green zones and pay and display signs,I know there are plenty of signs that signify no stopping or else your car will get towed away,(roadsign gives an example of tow truck moving a vehicle).But if you don't mind walking a little further like us you can find spaces down side streets,instead of paying for the privilidge of prime position in the centre.


Sofia is expensive to park and like many congested cities there are limited spaces,but in a price comparison last year prices between London and Sofia were of course a huge difference e.g London -west end /the city everday for a month was around 600 euros compared to about 95 euros in Sofia.Of course in London there is congestion charges
which at the moment have not caught on!

Sofia has a choice of paying in the blue zone parking areas either by paying a parking warden, or a hassle free system for subscribers of mobile operaters mtel,global and vivacom who can send a text message to 1302,and after sending a reply is sent to inform you that payment was successful,5 minutes before another hour passes the subscriber will receive a text reminder.

Other smaller cites here are yes congested like most busy cities but don't break the bank with rates as low as 0.50 euros an hour,some a little higher.Often it is easy to find side streets to park whereby no money has to be paid either to the machine or an attendent.Plus a bonus to a carpark attendent is if you are running late you only need pay for an extra hour not a fine.