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Power Cuts In Bulgaria

One thing about life in Bulgaria that is difficult for many expats to cope with is the sudden loss of electric - power cuts.

They occur frequently in our village and always at the most inconvenient times such making hot drinks or at meal times and as all of our appliances are electric it can be quite frustrating. They always seem to happen on a lovely sunny day too.


I know some invest in small generators that can be useful for lights and TV, but we just persevere with it as yes we live in a different culture and we know it is not as up to date as our home country. So I guess you just learn to adapt to these situations, take the rough with the smooth it's Bulgaria and many ways of life are not the same. It is not impossible to have a back up system to help when these problems arise but can be expensive.

We do have log burning stoves, so are useful to make tea/coffee and a simple one pot dish and plenty of torches, candles and matches! Of course not easy if it is at night, but with no chance of reading, TV or internet or walking the dog as all the street lights go too - somebody can help hold the torch, there is not much else to do.

If there are heavy rains and storms we always get prepared with the candles as we expect the power to go off.

If it is going to be off for a length of time there will be notification from the Mayor on a blackboard outside her office and we can just muddle through with the Cyrillic words and pickup on the times when it will be off- these are usually maintenance/repairs of the power lines. Also many of the locals will pass on the message when visiting the local shops or post office.

Most other times we simply never know why and it may only be for an hour or so, and nobody else ever appears to know either. It is simply the outdated system of Bulgaria.

A few years ago on Christmas day at midday, the electric went off right in the middle of cooking the Christmas lunch. Panic for most sets in as nobody ever knows when it will return, but this is Bulgaria you just have to learn to get used to these little mishaps!