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Bulgarian Dark Beer

A great alternative during the cold winter months in Bulgaria if you enjoy a beer is the dark or ‘tumno' beer which is available from all the leading makes of lagers.

I know for most people they are an acquired taste,but worth trying when out and about in Bulgaria. I must admit not many locals drink them in the village where we live as many prefer lager,or spirits like vodka, whiskey and Rakia especially at this time of year.

However for those who prefer a longer drink, that is a change from lager it is definitely worth giving a go.Stolnichno is one of the most recognised brands produced by the Zagorka/Heineken Brewery and is probably one of the best in Bulgaria and available in most bars, restaurants and supermarkets at this time of year.Most of the other popular breweries produce a similar dark beer and available throughout but  not as strong as Stolnichno although still very good.

These darker beers are only produced between October and March,and are enjoyable served slightly warmer especially when the freezing temperatures are upon us.

Bulgaria has a good range of lagers for a small country which are popular all year round and remember most are quite strong, so it is easy to have one too many when amongst friends and a headache the next day!