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The Bulgarian Real Estate Market

The Bulgarian real estate market is on the way back. At the beginning of the Millenium, Bulgaria was a prime location to buy holiday property and to retire or re-locate to – property was cheap and renovation was inexpensive.

The country was particularly popular among the British and many bought here largely between 2000 and 2006. 2007/2008 with the recession biting and prices rising saw quite a large exodus of the British contingent. At the moment, Bulgaria is particularly popular with the Russian buyer, largely because of the cultural similarities.



Now Bulgaria is beginning to pull out of the recession and is regaining favour with Romanians, Germans and Swedes among others. It never lost any of it's original charm and property prices are now much lower again and even reaching 2004 levels before the large increases we saw. As the recession ends, prices will begin to rise again. NOW is the time to buy in Bulgaria, while the lower prices still exist.


Accordia Properties


has been on the Bulgarian real estate market since 2004, with offices in Marina City in Balchik. Unlike other agencies, we have retained, our loyal clientele and have weathered the storm of the recession. This is because we offer a full and friendly service, with both English, Bulgarian and Russian speaking personnel. We will and always do go the extra mile for our clients.

We offer viewings throughout Bulgaria, but are particularly knowledgeable about the north eastern corner of the country, encompassing Balchik, Varna, Kavarna, Tsarichino, Obrochishte, Rogachevo, Kranevo, Dobrich, Albena and other popular buyer locations. Although we do charge for long-distance viewings, we do not charge when the viewings are close to our base of Balchik. In any case, all fees paid for viewings are fully refundable against purchase.

We are, of course, open to advertising client properties when they wish to sell. For this, we need as full as possible description of the property and the locality, amenities and any local attractions, plus as many jpg or jpeg photos (ideally not bigger than 100kb). The charge for this service is 50 Euros and your advert will stay on the site until the property is sold or until you choose to withdraw it. Again, this charge is fully refundable when the property is sold through our agency.

With our 8 years experience on the bulgarian real estate market, we have managed to find the best Lawyers, Notaries and other professionals needed in any purchase or sale. Naturally, though, if you have your own professionals, you are by no means obliged to avail yourself of the services of our experts.

Many buyers choose to purchase an older property which needs renovation or pulling down entirely and rebuilding. We can also help in this area. After a lot of trial and error, we have been working with a Turkish team of builders for a number of years with no problems at all. Always a professional job at a reasonable price – from a new roof to a complete rebuild.

For those clients involved or wishing to be involved in business in Bulgaria, the time is right and all the opportunities are here to be taken NOW. "Accordia Business",, an offshoot of Accordia Property, has been created as a full consultancy service for those either starting out with a new business or selling an existing one.

Choose Accordia Properties for a professional service from A to Z if you are considering investing in the Bulgarian real estate market.