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Spending Money

After reading the news today and reports out state that Bulgarians had spent over 800 million leva during the Christmas season and retail profit had also been up on last year after this past holiday season .

I can see where some of the money has been spent in particular parties and weekend breaks over the past week of holidays for the festive season. I know for most of the year we observe Bulgarian's mainly pensioners just 'getting by' in our village.

However another side to life in our village that we see is we have several 3 guest houses close to our house and a few more at the end of the village - most owned by Bulgarian business people - many with swimming pools and throughout the year are occupied with groups of visitors, making use of the relaxation and in total Bulgarian fashion music and parties, the smell of food on the barbeque and laughing can be very often heard around the usual quiet village. Most are from surrounding cities - as we see new faces and different car registrations descending on the village for weekend breaks and of course the many holidays that are taken in Bulgaria.

The last 2 new years these guest houses have all been fully booked at this special holiday celebration. An abundance of cars congesting the small lanes around our property and many  people walking out and about, a break from the faster city lifestyle and enjoying the glorious sunny days we have been fortunate to have  this winter.

I can actually see where some of this money has been spent by the Bulgarian public on these people enjoying themselves in particular this New Years' eve there was some magnificent firework displays were put on from these visitors and us -they must have cost a fortune!