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Motoring In Bulgaria


When arriving in Bulgaria you will first observe that driving is on the right hand side and the road signs are in the Cyrillic alphabet. Bulgarian cities are heavily congested with traffic.

You will notice horse and carts alongside the latest model of mercedes-benz to Ladas that have seen better days. .

Road Conditions

The majority of roads are slow with only two lanes, so getting around takes time. This causes much impatience to Bulgarian drivers and encourages them to take dangerous risks. Bulgaria has a high road death rate caused by car accidents, many caused by reckless driving and poorly maintained roads and vehicles.

Severe weather conditions from the harsh winters to the blistering heat of the summer causes incredible damage to road surfaces that require yearly maintenance and repairs. Pot holes, livestock, falling rocks, trees and lorry debris are
just some of the potential hazards, so be vigilant of when driving at night.


Speed limits are stated and best adhered to as police patrol roads throughout Bulgaria and carry out regular spot checks. Police can charge on the spot fines, but it is only necessary to pay if they produce a receipt otherwise payment is made later by bank transfer. Other common motoring offences in Bulgaria are: Speeding, talking on a mobile, drink driving, not wearing a seatbelt and inappropriate footwear such as flip flops and high heels.

Cities such as Sofia have had problems with thieves posing as Police officers at night and demanding money from drivers. Most websites about Bulgaria will warn drivers that night driving can be hazardous due to poorly lit roads and vehicles trying to avoid potholes and fallen debris that has fallen from overfilled Lorries.

The Bulgarian government over the past few years has invested money to bring the Bulgarian road infrastructure in line with EU standards.
Therefore newer, faster modern motorways are slowly being constructed to link busier, populated cities and bordering countries.