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Dentist Treatment In Bulgaria

The monthly visit to my daughter's orthodontist, is a trip into the nearest largest city, (which is Bulgaria's old capital) - Veliko Tarnovo or abbreviated V.T. First a very modern private practise by which we have been attending for over 21/2 years, as when we moved from the U.K she was due to begin treatment to straighten her teeth and missed it due to our move.

So we assured her we would find somewhere in Bulgaria, and like so many others we had read the news of how good and inexpensive dental treatment was here.


At first it was difficult with the language barrier and trying to explain what we wanted e, g Dentist/Orthodontist; neither word were similar in Bulgarian. We had been misguided by a shop front stating Dentist whereby the sign had stated English Dentist-teeth whitening. So we went and enquired but none of the staff spoke English. They did see the problem, but nodded their heads - (remember it means no!) continually and spoke in Bulgarian, and the only word we could catch was Veliko Tarnovo. So we guessed this was where we should be looking not the nearest town to us Dryanovo!

By luck the same day, same town in a DIY shop a Bulgarian man overheard us asking where other Dentists were in the town. The man spoke broken English but explained that we needed to visit a larger city and to our relief he would help us, as it happened his wife practised Dentistry, but not this type he knew of one in V.T and he would show us where it was.

The next day we met this stranger in the same place and travelled with us, we told him how much we appreciated his help. He told us he worked regularly in London, loved everything English and was glad to help; he had even bought an English van from the U.K because he thought they were better value than Bulgarian vehicles even if the steering is on the opposite side!

That day he helped with all the necessary details to get the treatment our daughter required to get her teeth straightened. We were impressed with the cost which was paid initially, then a small fee every month. A bonus was the Orthodontist spoke English, the price was very reasonable and the results good too. We are forever grateful for the help of this man as I would have hated for Lauren to miss out as there were times when we felt she would, we still meet for coffee when he is not working in the U.K.