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Sharing Your Home With Rodents

Finally the weather is turning colder in Bulgaria, after some record high temperatures since 1850, but who knows I wasn't around then and I guess not many others were too!

Even so the warmer days have bought problems to us here in rural Bulgaria, vermin yes mice/rats. I know that they are small, fast and furry and I don't particularly like sharing my home with them. Our neighbour is also complaining about them, he told us they had chewed some of his clothes, a shelf in his cupboard and ate some of his food. Not good, apparently the warmer days have made them stay longer and possibly breed for longer.

My point is if you have exposed walls in your home and think how great they look, think again. Traditional stone walls initially look good but over time they need to be checked for small holes appearing and filled in. Yes the mice and anything small can literally chew through cement and burrow into the smallest holes and make your home theirs too. It's a good idea to investigate regularly behind radiators, in corners, behind furniture because holes can appear and so too these furry creatures. I know sometimes builders are to blame as the job was not done right from the start. Plaster board can cause problems as they get into crevices behind and literally chew their way through. We can here scuffling behind some of our walls at night occasionally and it freaks the kids out as they are both scared of rodents.

This weekend we have had to remove most of our fitted kitchen to fill in holes that have over time appeared and prevent the house being overrun with vermin. A problem not helped by not being here to supervise the work ourselves when we first bought the property just the help of the estate agent. In future it is a good idea to ensure any work undertaken on a house there is somebody reliable to supervise because who know what workmen are covering up if nobody is there to stop them.