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Quest Bulgaria-Ask the Experts


We at Quest have teamed up with several professionals in their fields of expertise to offer this exiting,and in our opinion much needed advise service for expats,holiday home owners, investors and anybody who may be considering investing for whatever reason in Bulgaria.

We can now provide honest professional advise on matters such as legal,financial& banking,accountancy,meat & food and there is also a general chat forum.

This service is only available to members of Quest Bulgaria.Membership is only £6.50 per year and is available to purchase on the website via PayPal.

We hope to add more experts to our team of advisors in the future.

As most of us are aware, with the constant changing of laws and regulations in Bulgaria it can be very difficult,and expensive to keep up to date with the correct information and in some cases,strict penalties are in place for those of us who get it wrong.

Please have a look at the new members category and start speaking to our experts.You can also speak to other members on the general chat forum.

The 'Ask the Experts' section is in a forum style so all that is need from our members is to login and post an enquiry to the relevant advisor. Confidential enquiries can be posted first to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will forward it on. It will be published later on the site but without your user name.

Please go ahead and make the most of this service as we rely on it`s activity to keep it on the site.