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Nearly Christmas

I can't believe it is nearly Christmas because living in a rural village there is obviously no sign of it.The cities are stocked with a small selection of decorations etc, but it is not celebrated and marketed on the scale of the west here in Bulgaria.

I was trying to get into the festive mood as my eldest adores Christmas so being the perfect Mum I dig out the decorations. Yes I know it's early still and although I am not a huge fan of the hype and expense in the U.K.I am trying to keep in with some of our traditions.

When my Bulgarian neighbours see the display, (only a small tree, and tinsel not extravagant) he will tell me ‘mnogo pari' (lots of money). But for him and most of the villagers Christmas is celebrated with family, good food and drink, not decorations and a mountain of presents. Some will hold parties with dancing and music, Bulgarian's know how to party and have fun with very little money.
If the village is lucky the mayor will arrange a party at some point in the village centre between Xmas and New Year with dancing and music, and everyone takes their own booze and food. The whole village will be invited young, old and expats. It is great to watch the older locals enjoying themselves dancing the night away to traditional folk style music, often dragging new comers to the floor to teach their moves. This is the village Christmas fun!